House No.2

The Makeover
Tasklist - March 2007


Number Task Done
1 Construction: Fastening and sanding existing structure Yes
2 Building and staining windows, doors, and shutters Almost
3 Cutting and staining roof beams Yes
4 Building, texturing and fishing entrance steps. Building and staining ballustrade. Almost
5 Cutting and priming stripwood for inside stucco
6 Building and priming chimney
7 Building and staining balcony roof and fence
8 Cutting, sanding, priming, and painting/staining outer trim
9 Priming Shell


Number Task Done
10 Electrifying the house
11 Wallpapering and painting ceilings
12 Installing roof beams and inside stucco
13 Laying floors, perhaps installing base boards
14 Texturing and painting outside walls and chimney
15 Stone flooring for balcony and porch
16 Installing windows and doors
17 Installing lights
18 Installing balcony roof and fence
19 Attaching outside trim
20 Attaching sealing strips to the visible edges
21 Attaching chimney
22 Covering the edges of roof, chimney and balcony with copper
23 Covering the roof and balcony roof with slates

Why such a list?

I wrote the list above because I learned it's necessary to keep in mind what's left to do - and its order!

Obviously, building or decorating a dollshouse is a very complex task that involves many little, interrelated steps. One thing I learned from the process of designing and building our house no.1 is that one cannot think too much in advance. Even in the planning stage I thought: "why didn't I think of that before?" numberless times. Obviously, misplanning can cause problems and extra work.

For instance: It is cleaner and easier to install the windows after wallpapering, this way you can hide the raw edges of the wallpaper around the window holes. However, before you wallpaper you should electrify the house - but not install the (wall) lights! When you install the lights, the walls should be finished - that means that you first have to finish the outside walls as well if you plan have exterior lights. It might also be sensible to do the flooring first and then install the doors. If they collide, you can easily sand away what's too large on the doors... Also: Better paint the windows before you glue and install them; install a chimney breast before but the fire surround and mantle shelf after you wallpaper, or wallpaper the chimney breast before you install it; would you do the floorig before or after installing the whole fireplace; attach inside stucco after you've wallpapered, but think carefully whether you want to paint the ceilings before or afterwards... Examples are endless.

As always: think ahead!

If you believe this might be useful, feel free to copy the list above and modify it according to your dollshouse's needs.

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