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House I:
Our main project.

Click this to see a few pictures, descriptions and a structural drawing of our big house in the making.

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House II:
My old Dollhouse

This site contains many pictures and detailed information on an old dollshouse's makeover.

Under Construction!

House III:
The Bungalow

One day, this will be a picture report on the very first house we ever had. Made in the GDR, this little "Bungalow" is bound to be reestablished as a witness of that culture. The only question is who does it and when?

scetch of house 1

House IV:
The Hatshop

Ehm, no... We still don't own one single dollshouse that is finished or at least almost so.
Inspite of that I just could not resist entering the planning stage for this one. Whether it will ever be built or not is almost unimportant. That's just a question of imagination.