Miniatures 2007 / 2008

Fish Bowls

A second try. Somehow I did not get along with the resin very well, this time. Although I liked the individual parts used for this project (see below) the whole did not look as good as I had hoped. Ths fish slightly dissolved in the resin, and they did not stay in place. And dirt came up to the surface. :-(

Made from brass wire and paper for the auction of the IGMA's Guild School

The empty bowls
They are handblown glas. The bases are jewellry findings. Inside: real Berlin dirt, and plants made from wire and dried stuff.

Fish from window paint

Figure parts, April 2008


Made more or less following instructions from James Carrington's formidable book

The cacti family, finished in Jan. 2008

Fimo, basically

These cacti were made in various ways, which I noted here

"Antique" Water Jugs, November 2007

Cardboard, printed and painted with enamel-like varnish and acrylic paint.

This is an adapted project; the original instructions are from a lady from France and can be found online. I'll soon post a link - or send me an email and I'll rummage around in my bookmarks
with enamel and varnish on, but acrylic "rust" not yet

Cookie Jars, November 2007

Film containers, cut and painted. Lid: painted Fimo.
Labels found on
With "embossed" lid and matching shovels.
Sorry, this picture was taken in bad light.
Ham, November 2007
Fimo, Instructions by Angie Scarr

Of course there had to be at least one black fibre that managed to infiltrate the skin of every ham I made... I gave them a crust (varnish) later. Ha!

Leeks, October 2007

Fimo, chalk.
My own design.
More wooden barrels, filled with potatoes, October 2007
Barrels: Creative Paperclay (lesson by Tory West), potatoes: Fimo, chalk
Herb Dryer, Oct./Nov.2007
Fimo, brass wire, brass chain, black varnish
I made four of them
(and they all look different).
Wooden Crate, May 2007
Aged with acrylic colors and watercolors
All these pictures
and most of those below
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more detailed versions.
Wooden Barrels, May 2007
Made from Creative Paperclay
after instructions by Tori West,
published in some edition of DHM
Stonework for an old yard well, May 2007
Dandelion, May 2007
Tangerines, May 2007

Orchid (Phalenopsis), May 2007
Blossoms: paper, leaves & buds: Fimo.

Roasted Chicken, April 2007
Structure instructions from Angie Scarr, crust is varnish and chalk

Onion, April 2007

Pretzels, April 2007

Tools, April 2007

Apples, March 2007

Foodcrate, March 2007
popsickle sticks

Various Veggies, March 2007
Salad Instructions adapted from Angie Scarr

Outdoor Lamp in 1:6 Scale
for my niece's Barbie house

March 2007